Basic Functions

Here are some of the basic functions that help users to understand order execution logic.

Executing an order

TilliT DO uses the best practice definition when transitioning the order status as the operation progresses. Here are the order status transitions in TilliT:

One Order at a time

As a best practice, only one order can be executed in a single resource/equipment at any given time. 

If you cannot set the order into a running state, there might be an old order still running from the previous day.

Claiming an assigned activity

At the initial creation of the activity, TilliT DO will set the task to "Unassigned" status and will be available for the designated User Group to claim.

The "unassigned" activity will be visible to the users with a greyed-out user icon.

Once any users within the group claim the activity, the users name will become visible on the activity; showing that the activity was already assigned, and a user is now acting on the activity.

Note: A previously claimed task can still be claimed by a different user as long as the user belongs to the same user group. If the new user claims the assigned activity, the new user will be prompted with a confirmation screen. Once re-assignment is confirmed, the task will indicate the new user. 

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