Start Batch

At the start of the process, this activity set is set up to perform material validation and consumption. Each material pallet will be validated against the BOM Material ID by parsing the SSCC barcode.

The material validation is also set against the quantity tolerance limit for the material. This activity template workflow is represented below;

Activity Setup

The Start Batch Activity contains the following items:

  1. Confirm Material Barcode and Material ID
  2. Confirm Material Quantity
  3. Product Quality Check; a numeric data entry with validation against a Process Variable settings

How does the Barcode Parsing Works?

When the SSCC ID was entered in the Scan label Barcode item field, TilliT DO will parse the SSCC ID and use the Material ID details.

The parsed Material ID will then be confirmed against the BOM setup; whether valid or not. If valid, a checkmark and actual Material Name will be displayed.

With the barcode parsing criteria, the Material ID will be determined from the Barcode Field Length (6), and then compared to the Barcode Field (11).

The Barcode Field (11) refers to the activity item where the material definition is hosted.

Hence, if the scanned barcode matches the material definition; TilliT DO will pass the scanning validation.

Product Quality Check

This activity item is similar in principle to the timed inspection event. The difference is that the Sampling Check is a Quantitative Characteristic type and results are against the defined attribute of the produced product.

In the sample Product Quality Check activity item, one sampling point per activity was defined to record against a product characteristic. i.e.: Sample Core Temperature.

The TilliT template will provide summary details for the results and visual representation to indicate the captured readings against the set limits.

Also in this configuration, the Product Quality Check will automatically generate new tasks to:

  • Perform a retest in the event of failed results.
  • Trigger an automatic Non-Conformity Report for the failed retest

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