Hourly Checks

This is a typical type of an interval-based activity within the operational execution, where tasks are created based on the defined timing criteria.

The definition of “when” is usually a product of HAZOP analysis, where the defined time interval should address the need for “Lot management control” in the event of process or product deviation.

For TilliT, the hourly check template is configured in minutes. Each hourly event will be recorded separately.

This activity template is more of a qualitative characteristic type of task where the user can confirm and record a process event and variable.

Here, TilliT also introduces two-time based definitions;

  • Delay – This is the time definition before triggering the first interval-based task on completion of the Pre-Start Check
  • Interval – This is the time definition between the generation of the succeeding interval-based task and on completion of the first interval-based task

The Hourly Check activity is currently set up to trigger a separate task to:

  • Perform a retest and escalation in the event of failed results.
  • Trigger an automatic Non-Conformity Report for the failed retest.

The retest and NCR workflow as defined below;

The diagram below describes the event dependencies for the automatic creation of the Hourly Check activities.

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