Pre-Start Checks

The Pre-Start Check Activity Template supports the manufacturing best practice; where line inspection needs to take place before running the equipment. This activity is usually a mandatory task that the operator needs to complete and sign-off.

For the activity template to be created automatically, the operator only needs to start the Production Order and from there TilliT will manage the back-end process to launch the task.

The activity items in the Pre-Start Check intends to cover both safety and quality requirements for the production run. An additional feature included in the activity template is the capability to interlock with the equipment; where the equipment command to start will be enabled only on positive completion of the check.

Once a positive check has been confirmed; both the equipment and material usage for the run will be confirmed for the Production Order requirement; which is the foundation for product traceability.

The diagram below describes the event dependencies for the automatic creation of the pre-start check activities.

A pre-start check is meant to prevent potential product quality defect at the start of the operation cycle.

Other examples:

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