Adding Users

User Management is a prerequisite and key component of TilliT.

For TilliT DO, the User administration including systems access is done on two levels, Roles and Groups. The Roles will define if someone can add or remove users and maintain the application settings. Groups are meant to represent different functions of users and what activities each function is able to see and submit.

User creation and joining to the Group

To complete the user setup, follow the steps below;

  1. Use the User management tab
  2. Select and click on the Users tab
  3. With the Users being displayed, click the + Create button
  4. This will open a pop-up screen for the User details; please completed the entry. On this screen, the users can be assigned to any of the groups and pre-defined roles can also be selected.
  5. There are currently five (5) Roles;
    • Admin
    • Manager
    • Supervisor
    • Operator
    • Scheduler

    Scheduler is for service accounts for the TilliT Scheduler software. Admin is often required for service accounts as well. All other roles are for users.
    Below is a matrix of the permissions for each role:

  6. Save the user details

The new user will be displayed in the User list.

The user should receive a temporary password via email.

User Confirmation

All new users will have the status of Force Change Password. This means that the new user needs to confirm access to the TilliT instance.The first time the user logs into TilliT, they will be asked to change that password. For security reasons, TilliT enforces a strong password.
With the User details entered in the User setup, the system will automatically send an access notification - with a temporary password via SMS or Email; on which the new user needs to confirm. The confirmation also includes the change on password.

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