Considerations on Users, Groups and Roles

So the system is ready and you want to get people starting to use it. The first question is, who needs to be a user.

You will need a user in TilliT for every person that needs to interact with it. Starting from schedulers or analysts that will load orders and manage schedules in TilliT, to supervisors and operators starting orders, executing activities. You may also need to create users for anyone that needs access to the data by using the different ways to extract results from the activities that get executed.

When creating a user you will need to provide his/her first and last name, an email, a username, optionally a mobile number for SMS notifications. you will also need to define that user's role and group.

Roles are used to defining what area of TilliT the user can interact with it. The groups will be used to filter activities, so you can handle things like tasks that can only be executed by qualified personnel or manage escalations.

There are 4 roles in TilliT DO:

    • Admin
      • Can do everything
    • Manager
      • i.e. Quality Manager
      • Can modify TilliT DO configuration
    • Supervisor
      • i.e. Line/Process/Area Supervisor
      • Can manually create orders, start activities, and raise events.
    • Operators
      • Can start, stop orders, claim activities complete them.
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