June 2022

MQTT Integration 📠

Check out out the latest way to integrate TilliT into your systems by watching this video on connecting TilliT to Ignition via MQTT. Read the in-depth documentation on our revamped Integrating TilliT Docs.

Production Report 📝

We've released our Production Report to the public! This allows you to better explore the historical and current view of your production. Jump into TIlliT NOW to see just how your current operations are reflected in the report. Watch out for the improvements we are already working on and expect to see them slowly rollout. We continue to listen to feedback so let your voice be heard!.

New Asset Summary 📈

See the new Asset summary that will appear when you use the Asset Explorer.

Orders Comparison View 🛒

Compare your current schedule against the results of the optimisation

Optimisation Profiles 🥇

You can now edit your optimisation profiles to get exactly the performance your want.

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