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This help guide is divided into four sections that you can navigate using the top menu. Each section is written to provide clear guides for each different role:

  • Getting started – an overview of the implementation process
  • For the user – in-depth information for the operator who will use TilliT daily
  • For the admin - an overview of the features that can be configured
  • For the developer - for those who want to go a step further and build system integration with TilliT, like automatically loading orders or having a third-party system receiving an event generated in TilliT

1 - Getting started

The intention of this section is to guide you through the process of implementing TilliT in your operation. This process is meant to be simple and can be achieved quite quickly, depending on your operation. You should see this section as a guide that fleshes out the steps to take in the implementation process.

In a timeline, your project would look like this:


The purpose of this section is to give you directions on the necessary preparation before setting TilliT up in your organisation.

We will cover how we work with assets and how we represent physicals components of your factory, as well as covering users and roles, and how you should think about your users.

Here are the topics to be covered in this section:

  1. Computers and devices discussion
  2. Determining the process layout.
  3. Material definition preparation
  4. Prepare order schedule
  5. Considerations around edge integration
  6. Prepare check sheets
  7. Considerations on users, groups, and roles

Configuration Training.

This section is for the admin to study and learn how to model the operation into TilliT.

This covers:

  •         What are the key components and decisions?
  •         How to represent current processes and requirements.
  •         What are the features that will bring value to the business?

Configure TilliT.

Here the admin will load all materials, create the different activity templates and get the system ready.

This process can be facilitated by the Excel add-in that will allow you to bulk load all information into TilliT. The result of this process is you being able to create an order, start it, execute different activities and validate that the data capture is as expected.

User Training.

Finally, once the system has been set up and is ready to be used, you will want to train your users.

The focus becomes the execution of an order and submitting activities. Users should know how to navigate the app, what claiming a task is and what to find information relevant to an order.

Next step.

Now that we have a roll-out plan, let's get started.

Follow the link below for your first step in the preparation phase.

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