How to Install the Excel Add-in


The Excel Add-in allows you to use Microsoft Excel to manage data in TilliT, making it easier to manage configuration, time-series data and orders. First step is to install the add-in.

Download the add-in

Right-click the following link ( tillit-do-add-in-manifest.xml ) and select Save link as and save to a location where the file will not be moved. Take note of this location as you will need this in the following steps.

Add Location to Trust Center

In Excel, go to File > Options. You should be presented with a pop-up.

Go to Trust Center in the side bar, then click the Trust Center Settings button.

In the next pop-up, click Trusted Add-in Catalogs.

Here, we need the shared path for the Excel Add-in. Go to Windows Explorer and find the folder where you saved the Excel Add-in. Right-click the folder (not the file within) and select Give access to > Specific people.

Select your username, then click Share.

You will be provided with a shared path. Right-click, then select Copy Link.

Go back to Excel and paste the path into the Catalog Url field.

Remove the folder name at the head of the text, as well as the surrounding brackets, to leave just the filepath.

Click Add Catalog. Once added, make sure to tick Show in Menu, then click OK.

Inserting the Add-in

Once you've added the location to the Trust Center, you can insert the add-in.

In Excel, click Insert > Get Add-ins.

In the pop-up, click Shared Folder, click on the TilliT Add-in, then click Add.

The add-in is now available in the top-menu of Excel.

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