August 2022

Digital Operations Chat 💬

Leave a comment, question or story on any order or asset. To get started, simply select an asset or order and click the button in the bottom right to get started.

Pin Assets📌

Get instant access to the asset view you need by pinning an asset.

Edge Order Attributes 🚦

Improvements to how TilliT Edge receives attributes. They now inlcude Order Attributes, Asset Attributes and Material Attributes as seen on the order detail view.

Up Coming

Activity Template Versioning 👴👨🧒

We're excited to show you this heavily requested feature. This will allow an activity to be marked as LIVE, DRAFT or ARCHIVED.

ARCHIVED - The template cannot be edited and cannot be used to create an activity instance.

DRAFT - The templates can be completely edit, any changes to for a template need to be in DRAFT status.

LIVE - The template cannot be edited but can be used to create an activity instance.

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