July 2022

Stoppable Optimisation Runs ⏳

Stop long running optimisations runs so that you can use the result of the optimisation runs now rather then waiting for it to finish, 

Optimisation Progress Visualization 📈

See the fitness of your optimisation by visualising it's progress in this graph view.

Requires Order 🔐

Define an activity as only being able to be created on an order. To enable this, change the 'Where' clause of the Activity Template to 'with order required'. Now this activity can only occur on an order.

Activity Startable By 🦺

Use the 'Startable By' field on an Activity Template to restrict who has access to manually create this activity.

Triggered By 🕵️

See who has triggered an event instance. In this scenario, we can see that James Balzary is the person who started order #SCH451700. Triggered by can also occur from a TilliT Edge device or the systems' scheduler.

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