November 2021

TilliT is now installable 💻 

Simply in your browser click the icon in the top right of your search bar!

Hidden Activity Items 👻

If you want to capture data on an Activity Template - but want it hidden under certain circumstances, this is for you! It works like the Active Item Expression except this will always record the data whether it is visible or not. (Active Item Expression will not record the data if it is not true)

Update Notifications 🔔

When new versions of TilliT are released you will now get prompted to refresh the page. Please make sure all changes are saved before refreshing!

Site Timezones 🕑

When setting up new sites, there is now a dropdown that allows you to select the relevant timezone:

Defaulting Stoppage Reasons 🛑

From now on, if you select the reason at a higher level, it will default the lower levels to that value. Meaning, if you select on Level 2 OPERATIONAL, TilliT will copy that value to Level 3 and Level 4. This means that your reporting won't have blanks at those levels anymore.

Bug fixes:

  • Assets statistics now refresh 100% of the time
  • Activity Template errors all fixed
  • Process Variables now show against all Orders
  • General UI improvements

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